We provide good sound!

Out of respect for the Tango Music, the musicians, the orchestras and the cultural heritage of Buenos Aires and Montevideo it is a matter of concern to us to play this music as closely as possible to the original recordings.

We search for the best transfers of the original recordings and use good quality audio tools and software (interfaces, sound cards, DACs, sound processors) for performing them.

DJs sharing our ideas are invited to join us.

Organizers and dancers may select DJs and enjoy the sound of the music.

As for now, there are 18 DJs on the list giving detailed information on their setup.

Registered DJs:

Jens-Ingo Brodesser    Belgium, Brussels    Traditional    DJ since 2010
Steve Morgan    Canada, BC    Traditional and alternative    DJ since 2009
Polaco    China, Shenzhen/Hong Kong    Traditional    DJ since 2012
Tomáš Kohl    Czechia, Prague    Traditional and alternative    DJ since 2012
Gregor    Germany, Regensburg (Bavaria)    Traditional    DJ since 2009
Peter Wenger    Germany, Stockach Bodensee    Traditional    DJ since 2000
Ernesto Valles    Italy, Mercato San Severino    Traditional    DJ since 2010
Anders Båtstrand    Norway, Tønsberg    Traditional    DJ since 2012
Alberto    Switzerland, Bern    Traditional    DJ since 2010
Christian Tobler    Switzerland, Zuerich    Traditional    DJ since 2003
René Maurer    Switzerland, Biel Bienne    Traditional    DJ since 2003
Charles Long    United Kingdom, Berkshire    Traditional    DJ since 2006
Christian    United Kingdom, Devon    Traditional    DJ since 2010
David Thomas    United Kingdom, SouthEast    Traditional    DJ since 2009
Dele    United Kingdom, Bournemouth    Traditional    DJ since 2010
El Baqueano    United States of America, Medford, Oregon    Traditional    DJ since 2006
Jessica Schilling “La Vit...    United States of America, Boston    Traditional and alternative    DJ since 2010
Paul Lohman    United States of America, Minneapolis    Traditional and alternative    DJ since 2006