dj Peter Tango

Summary: Traditional and alternative Tango DJ
Since 2014 with about 450 milongas
Region or City:Amersfoort
Resident DJ:Facebook Tangostreams
Style:Traditional and alternative
Tandas and cortinas:Yes
Audio format:AIFF Audio Interchange File Format (.aiff, aif)
Alternative audio format:ANALOG Playback of LPs/Shellacs
Sources/Labels:CDs, Shellacs etc, (TangoTunes, TimeTravel, Record Companies)
Favored orchestras:Caló, di Sarli, Lomuto, Canaro, Donato, d'Arienzo, Fresedo, Federico, d’Agostino, Troilo, Demare, Biagi, Rodriguez, Laurenz, Pugliese, Garcia, OTVictor, Firpo, de Caro, Malerba, Maderna, Tanturi, Varéla, de Angelis, Maffia, Maglio, Gorio, Buzón, Carabelli, Rodio, Pontier, Francini, Gobbi, Sassone,
Song display:Song, Orquesta, Singer(s), Year, Letras, Composer, bpm, etc.

Orquestas from the different periodes ca.
1928-1956 (most) and present orquestas..

Equipment for live use
Model:Macbook pro
Music library management:ITunes, OBS, Audacity etc.
Player:ITunes and OBS
Audio interface/DAC:Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen Solo
Equalizer:every song is pre- equalized + manual correction sometimes
Compressor:for comparing different versions, study, history etc.
Other equipment:Visuals with an Epson beamer

I project all the information with a beamer.
People can see the songname, the orquesta, singers
or instumental, the year, lyrics. Also the movies
of the orquestas in the background or old and new architecture,
landscapes, dancing people etc.

Rescue equipment
Computer/Device:Mobile device (Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, ...)
Player:Apple music player
Audio interface/DAC:yes, can be with the DAC
Other equipment:monitor boxes for sound, external drives etc.
Last change:Jan. 20, 2024