Christian Tobler

Summary: Traditional Tango DJ
Since 2003 with about 450 milongas
Region or City:Zuerich
Resident DJ:-
Tandas and cortinas:Yes
Audio format:AIFF Audio Interchange File Format (.aiff, aif)
Alternative audio format:-
Sources/Labels:my own transfers + restorations from shellacs – downloads – CDs – LPs – 78s – comercial + private labels from all around the world – preference: TangoTunes, CTA + noncommercial private editions not sold on the market
Favored orchestras:the 16 indispensable gran orquestas from the época de oro
Song display:if wished by the organizer: nondedicated Macbook Pro 15": title orchestra singer year and more – beamed to screen or wall or cardboard flip book with reduced information on the TJs table

The fabulous recordings of the Época de Oro were
so well done that it makes sence to permanently
search for the best restoration in the highest
available noncompressed version.

Equipment for live use
Model:Apple: dedicated Macbook Pro 16"
Music library management:J River Media Center
Player:J River Media Center
Audio interface/DAC:Merging: Anubis – Lynx: Hilo
Equalizer:depends on sitation – but mostly none or an absolute minimum – mostly with Massenburg or FabFilter
Compressor:needless with good Época de Oro restorations
Other equipment:adequate connection to PA: Atelier der Tonkunst – M.U.T.T.I. | room compensation if necessary and requested – AudioVero Acourate – Sonarworks SoundID

Keeping his audio chain as long and complicated as
necessary but as simple as possible is the best
thing a caring TJ can do for the fabulous
recordings of the Époaca de Oro.

Rescue equipment
Model:Apple: nondedicated Macbook Pro 15"
Player:J River Media Center
Audio interface/DAC:Chord: Mojo
Other equipment:adequate connection to PA: Lundahl – isolating transformers
Last change:March 15, 2023